For Persons Interested in Becoming the Association’s Members

The Association of Insolvency Administrators is a voluntary professional organisation, membership in which is open to anyone who meets the conditions set by Act No. 312/2006 Coll., on Insolvency Administrators, for the issuance of a permit to work as an insolvency administrator and who completes the requisite examination.

Aside from its regular members – insolvency administrators, the ASIS is open by means of associated membership to persons who were previously registered on the list of bankruptcy administrators pursuant to Czech Ministry of Justice Regulation No. 476/1991 Coll., and to other persons, authorities, institutions, and other entities that can contribute to the achievement of the Association’s mission.

A decision to grant membership is made by the Association’s General Meeting on the basis of an application for membership and subject to the payment of a membership fee. The membership fee for 2021 is CZK 5,000. The fee for joining the ASIS is CZK 8,000.

Advantages of ASIS Members

  • ASIS is developing and will provide to its members unique software for conducting, organising, and administering insolvency proceedings (processing notices requesting the registration of receivables, keeping track and checking on deadlines, document templates and forms, update of the status of insolvency proceedings on the basis of the contents of the insolvency register, search for insolvency proceedings, calculations, and calculation of the asset base)
  • Guarantees the professional standard of its members by organising training seminars, lectures, and workshops focusing on the practical needs of insolvency administrators – concerning bankruptcy law, economics, accounting, and property valuation
  • Arrangement of more advantageous terms on insurance of the professional liability of insolvency administrators
  • A guaranteed standard of quality of the information provided