Partners of Insolvency Administrators

Czech Ministry of Justice

The Association of Insolvency Administrators is implementing the Project of Harmonised Education in the Field of Insolvency in close cooperation with and under the auspices of the Czech Ministry of Justice.

Czech Bar Association

The ASIS in cooperation with the Czech Bar Association have developed an extensive insolvency law section whose main task is to interpret the new insolvency regulation and to gather suggestions for its amendment.

The Union of Judges of the Czech Republic

The Association of Insolvency Administrators closely cooperates with the Czech Union of Judges in expert interpretation and harmonisation of legal opinions in insolvency proceedings.

Czech Banking Association

Within the scope of their professional partners, the ASIS and the Czech Banking Association have developed a platform for mutual communication between insolvency administrators and banks as major creditors.

WI-ASS ČR s.r.o., pojišťovací makléř

Through WI-ASS ČR s.r.o., the ASIS has obtained a General Insurance Agreement for Insurance of Liability for Damages Caused In the Course of the Work of Insolvency Administrators, Liquidators, and Asset Managers., a.s.

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